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Established 2005

We specialize in digital photography which enables us to get your images to you quickly, either by email or on disk.

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Residential Low Altitude Aerial Photography
  • Low Altitude Aerial Photography for construction sites, commercial businesses, sporting events, structural inspections etc.

Taupo Harbour

The advantage of our type of aerial photography is that our remote controlled helicopter can fly from ground level up to 400+ feet enabling us to get up close to that hard to photograph subject.

We offer a unique perspective of your property with greater detail than normal photography can allow.

HeliCamNZ provides an aerial perspective of your business, home, farm, development, sporting event, conference or that special occasion that is difficult to obtain with normal photography.

We are a small professional company that values a job well done. We take pride in our work and offer, we believe, a great option to normal aerial photography.

Please check our Gallery for some recent examples of our work.


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